Taking off my stockings after work

Slowly I opened the lock on my front door, it had been a long day at the office and I was pleased to be opening the door to my flat, which I might remind you is about five floors up! Not the easiest to trek up with high heels and no energy. I banged the door shut and put the kettle on, getting ready to make a nice cup of warm tea. Tonight I was going to sit in front of the television and watch a few movies with some popcorn and tea. Nothing wrong with that at all!

I made my way through to the bedroom to get undressed, grab a shower and slip into something more comfortable. Slipping of my shoes I walked into the tiled bathroom and switch on the shower. I grabbed my towel from the bedroom and started to get undressed

The first thing to come off would be my office pencil skirt. I hated long skirts but the manager at the office I was temping in was rather strict and a prude to say the least so a long skirt was mandatory. However, I wouldn’t be put of wearing my stockings so as you can imagine I had fine nylon stockings on, only 15 denier with a 3inch lace top. The stockings were seamed with a cuban heel and looked gorgeous, if only my boss wasn’t so darned strict.

I slipped my suit jacket and crisp white blouse of and was left to wander around my room in nothing more than my bra, panties, garter belt, garters and black stockings. I wandered over the mirror to get a better look at my ensemble, or lack thereof and was pleasantly surprised. I knew that these stockings felt good when I wore them but had no idea that they looked this good on me too.

My hands moved down to my garter belt and unlipped the soft black garters, instead of a metal clip these ones had a soft plastic catch which takes me a long, long time to get on. This type of clip stops me hurting my precious stockings. I slipped the garter belt down my leg along with the clips and stood out of it, leaving my panties where they were, cupping my soft, rounded ass cheeks.

I lowered my hands down to the tips of my left stocking and watched in the mirror as I grabbed the lace gently between my fingers, slowly rolling it down my leg being careful not to get any ladders in the gentle, soft fabric. I got goosebumps on my leg and ass as I slipped the material down my soft, smooth legs and over my perfectly manicured toes. I closed my eyes and rubbed the stocking over my foot for a few seconds just for the feeling…

Moving onto the right leg, I did the same, slipped my fingers gently onto the lace top and started to roll down my leg, but stopped. I trailed my hand up and down the straight seam at the back, rubbing my heel where the fabric was tougher and darker and over my toes where the material clung tightly. Slowly I started to move the fabric back down my legs and over my toes, running my hands down my bare legs behind the stocking, closing the goosebumped trail the sheer nylon left in it’s wake…

Definitely time for a cold shower! I locked myself in the shower for quite a long time, the water beating down on the beat of my back and over my ass felt good. The heat seeped into my skin and alleviated the tension in my legs. I covered myself in expensive soap and lathered my legs, ass and the rest of my body till the days impurities were washed away. After rinsing my body and hair I got out, snuggled up in my giant bathrobe and plodded back through to the living room to grab my tea and popcorn! What an odd combination. To see me in all my exclusive stockings content then visit my premium site here