About My Stocking Diary

This is my free stocking blog. With stories and and pictures added when I can. If you want to see me modeling stockings or underwear please visit me at sabrinasstockings.com

My name is Sabrina and as you can guess I love stockings. I love all nice lingerie, but I have a real fetish for stockings. I am not just a model wearing stockings for my site. I wear stockings every day. I love the feeling of stockings, the convenience of stockings, the empowerment they give me.

I never dress down, even when I am on my own. I dont wear jeans, ever. Even alone I dress up. There was a time not that long ago when women dressed to the nines all the time. I am the same, I am a traditional girl in every way.

If I am cold, I wear a fur coat. I pull seamed stockings over my panties. I may wrap myself in a cashmere robe around myself if I am staying in on a cold winters night. Glamour above all things. I never let a man see me not at my very best. Glamour every minute of every day.

I have a few fetishes, I like to be both submissive and dominating, I love men worshiping my feet, legs, panties and stockings. I also like to be pushed over a desk, my skirt pulled up and my bottom spanked. I like both men and women, but my main love is stockings. This is my lifestyle, not just a site.

Here on my site you can see me in them and read my real stories about me and my stocking adventures. I work as a secretary in the day. I am a temp, I go from office to office, where ever my services are needed. I love flashing men in the office my stockings and then writing about it later. You can read my real life exclusive stories, watch me in my own stockings videos or thumb through my stockings pictures. I do requests, in fact requests are my favourite part of doing this site. So please don’t be shy.

I am 5 feet 2 inches tall. I have a 20 inch waist and wear size 5 shoes. My bust size is 34 D. In a corsett my waist is 14 inches. My eyes are blue, hair brown and I weigh 8 stone 5. My hips are 34 inches. My favourite drink is champaigne, or a great red wine like chateaux neuf de pap. My favourite city is Paris and my favourite film is Doctor Shivago. My favourite colour is pink, favourite food French.

Please comment on any set you like, so I can make the content you like. This site will be updated daily with new pictures and videos being added at least every other day. If there is something you want to see more off please let me know. I will answer all coments and all emails. But sometimes that might take a few days, as I also have to work.