An average day in the life of a stocking lover

Work takes it out of you all week and then the weekend is full of partying. Where on earth can anyone find peace in the world? Well I figured since I had worked and partied so hard it was time for a casual, relaxing Sunday and I had the perfect idea. A picnic was in order, yes that’s right, a traditional wicker basket, sandwiches and strawberries picnic. Luckily enough the day started of very bright and promising.

I bathed today, rather than opting for the shower. I had time to kill and I wanted to kill it peacefully. I lay under all the bubbles, my breasts bobbing up and down in the water and my legs shining under the bathroom spotlights. Today was going to be a good day I could feel it. The cool air slapped my legs as I got out of the bathroom, even with the heating on it was still cold as soon as you jumped out of a bath. I wrapped my towel around me snug and tight and then headed towards the bedroom.

My bedroom was a lot cosier than the bathroom. I hugged my towel close to me as I started to dry myself of. I rubbed the towel in between my legs and over my thighs, soaking up every bit of moisture on the bottom half of my body. I ran the towel along my shoulders and down my breasts. I dabbed my hair in the towel, preventing droplets of water falling back down my smooth body.

I had chosen a subtle, more playful suit for the day. Of course I wore my stockings but I wore a short, black, floaty skirt and a soft cream tank top to go with it. I sat down on the bed as I started to get dressed. My bra was the first garment that I picked up. It was a soft, cream, stain bra that held my breasts in place with moulded cups. The straps sat gently on my shoulders and the clasp neatly clung to my gentle back.

My stockings were cream in colour to match my top and my underwear. The stockings were gently pattered with two soft lines running up the back of them. They were thick and I had chosen cream to keep my legs cool from the hot sun.

The stockings melded into the white bed sheets, like a soft stain. I picked up the first one and eased it open with my perfectly manicured hands. It was smooth on my fingertips, the fabric whispering against my soft skin. I pulled the stocking steadily over my leg, the gentle material felt like heaven on my skin.

I picked up the other sticking and pried it open. I let the long sock trail over my leg and sit gently on my hips. My panties were cool to the touch but I picked them up and laid them over my crotch and say them on my waist. Afterwards I clipped the stockings onto the suspender belt and got up to put on the rest of my clothes. My skirt slid easily up my soft legs. As it floated around my thighs when I walked it was like I was walking on air.

My top slid over my head, gently catching my hair. It fit perfectly around my breasts and flat stomach.

I decided to stop messing around putting my clothes on and to start heading out. My wicker basket was ready to go filled to the brim with strawberries and cream. The day was bright and I decided to get out of the house and into the hot sunshine, the park was waiting for me, and it’s not nice to keep it waiting.

As I stepped outside a wave of fresh air slapped against my face and I welcomed it. Of course I did not welcome the breeze that blew my skirt up over my panties where it didn’t belong and I didn’t welcome the jeers from the men across the road at the building site. However, I carried on and made my way down the street towards the park. Obviously the park was full today, there were kids running around, mothers pushing strollers and groups of young strapping men playing soccer in the middle of the field.

I found a nice quiet spot under a tree where I could see everyone and everything yet I could keep myself hidden from public view. I lay my wicker basket down on the grass beneath my feet, my feet were trapped in high sandals but I took my feet out of my sandals and let them rest on the ground, my stockings prevented them from getting grass and dirt in between my toes. I crossed my legs over and my skirt slid up some more, catching the attention of the young men playing soccer. I thought I had hidden myself well but young eyes manage to find everything.

I adjusted my skirt and dipped into my wonderfully prepared basket. The strawberries were in a green tub and I took them out. I also took out the cream and a bowl and filled the bowl with both the strawberries and then drizzled them in the runny cream. It looked absolutely delicious. I picked up the first strawberry and held it close to my mouth, savouring the sweet smell. The young men had all but turned with their tongues hanging out as I licked the strawberry and nibbled seductively on it. My stockings just added to the tease and they had a hard time concentrating on the ball they should be.

A sudden gush of wind comes and blows my skirt up to heights I’d rather it didn’t reach. I quickly flushed my skirt down but not without catching my stocking. The stocking ripped down one side and I could hardly leave it like that. So even with the prying eyes I decided that the only thing to do would be remove both stockings, in the middle of the park it wasn’t such a great idea but when you’re left with no other options you have to do what you have to do.

I looked around; most eyes were turned and now was a better chance than any. I hoisted up my skirt. The hem was sitting just at my panty line, my crotch visible to those who looked properly. I slid my fingers underneath the tips of my stockings; I felt the thick nylon grip my fingers as I slid it down my legs. I was just beginning to enjoy what I was doing when a white, leather ball bounced to my feet. One of the young men jogged across to get it.

He was, I would suggest, only in his early twenties but he had a body of a god. His eyes were full of lust and it looked as though something had captivated him. I’m assuming it was my slender legs completely bare to him. I looked up, my eyes were seductive and swear formed on his brow. I crawled over on my knees to get the ball, my ass was high in the air and my bare legs were showing up to the top of my thighs. I looked back at him, his hands were dangling over his crotch, itching to knead himself but he kept his pose.

I crept up onto my knees and then stood up. My knees had grass stains and my skirt was still higher than it had been when I had walked to the park. I handed him his ball, deliberately lingering my hand over his. He looked up at me anxious to say something and just as his lips started to part as if to say something I turned around and went back to my strawberries. He looked at me, his eyes working their way over my body, his eyes lingering on my bare leg and thighs.

He turned around sharply and made his way back to his friends. I laughed quietly to myself as I gathered up my strawberries and cream. I picked up my wicker basket and slipped my high sandals back on my cool feet. The wicker basket sat gently over my arm as I half skipped out of the park, the young man stared back at me, his eyes lingering over my legs. A soft smile crept over my lips and I drew another strawberry out of the basket and nibbled gently on it as I walked home. A lovely day for a picnic… Read more of my stockings adventures at my very own stocking site sabrinas stockings