A Louboutin Tale

Sabrina was feeling refreshed. Her muscles had a pleasing ache after a session in the gym and her skin was tingling after a delicious quarter of an hour under the shower. Her sissy bitch for the day was also tingling but only because of the exquisite torture of watching his Mistress work up a sweat and then shower. He had struggled to contain his own orgasm as Sabrina has used the shower head on her pussy bringing herself off to a delicious orgasm in the shower. Sabrina operated on the basis that her slaves should be seen and not heard and so sissy bitch had the panties Sabrina had worn during her workout stuffed into his mouth. He could still taste the slightly salty sweat mixed with the wonderful scent of her shaved pussy.

Sabrina had dropped her towel which sissy bitch had quickly picked up. So much of the joy of Sabrina was that despite her form of female domination being overtly about the power of sex she was capable of capricious cruelty and sissy bitch had felt the surprising sting of Sabrina’s crop on more than one occasion when he had become lost in Sabrina’s powerful sexual pull and forgotten that as a sissy he was here to serve.

Sabrina moved around the bedroom now enjoying the air on her smooth, taut body. She took various clothes out of various draws and cupboards laying each on the bed. She now stood in front of the full length mirror, naked and powerful. Then the reverse striptease started. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked sissy bitch directly in the eyes. Sissy bitch returned Sabrina’s gaze once again enjoying the austere and forbidding stare that his Mistress had. Keeping her eyes firmly on his Sabrina picked up her bra. She rested it on her lap and, still looking at sissy bitch stroked her breasts. Her skin responsive to her touch tingled and her nipples stiffened. She then slipped the bra on, fitting the clasps behind her and adjusting her breasts. Then came the panties. Sabrina hooked them over her feet, then stood up, slowly gliding the panties over her hips. Next was the suspender belt, an eight strap belt which slid over her hips and seemed to pinch in her waist. Then came the blouse. Slowly she buttoned the crisp, white blouse up all the time staring directly at sissy bitch. Sabrina then put on a black tie, expertly tieing it all the while looking at sissy bitch. Next came the stockings, seamed and black from Wolford, the sound of the sheer material sliding up Sabrina’s legs almost made sissy bitch cum again but he concentrated hard avoiding making the mess he knew would see him punished. Sabrina clipped the stockings to the suspender belt before putting on a navy chalk stripe pencil skirt. She stood up and put on the matching jacket, buttoning it and smoothing both jacket and skirt down. Sissy bitch gawped. He adored Sabrina’s body; its silky smoothness, the curves and the supple muscle tone but he had to admit that her sexuality was no less, perhaps even more pronounced when she was clothed. But then Sabrina didn’t do ‘dress down’, she brought a modern, super sexual touch to classic style.
‘Right, sissy, shopping. I see you are dressed. Drop you trousers and let me have a look.’ Sissy bitch dropped his trousers and Sabrina nodded her approval. Sissy had on his chastity device and was locked in tight.

Shopping that day was visiting the Louboutin boutique and sissy bitch had always known that his role was twofold, to provide entertainment for Sabrina and to provide the cash. Sabrina was hugely turned on by Louboutin shoes, the sleek elegance of some of his shoes, the thrillingly absurd burlesque of others but always style. In their way the shoes and Sabrina were the perfect match. Both had an old-school elegance combined with a wholly modern outrageousness. In the shop Sabrina had humiliated sissy bitch who squirmed with embarrassed pleasure when Sabrina had compared the three inch heel on one pair to his penis. Although Sabrina had known what she wanted the shopping still took over three hours. Sissy bitch dutifully stood to attention when he wasn’t fetching and carrying while Sabrina revelled in luxury and the pure sexual thrill of sublime shoes. Her business suit had been specifically chosen. It accentuated her curves and so when she tried on each pair of shoes and looked in the full-length mirror she looked first at her pinched waist and the curves of her buttocks. She loved too how the heels pulled and tightened her calves. Although always comfortable Louboutin shoes like all heels caused some tightness, in his way Christian Louboutin was the only man allowed to cause Sabrina any pain.

On the way back sissy bitch had been made to walk three paces behind Sabrina and had been burdened by assorted bags. She had chosen a pair of Fifi Botta King Calf boots with heels as she had noted perfect for pressing down onto slaves’ nipples, a pair of Magicadiva Dentelle Chantilly (‘because I am a magica diva aren’t I’), a pair of Anjalina Shiny Calf, and a pair of flesh Iriza Patent (‘wonderful to cleavage, eh sissy bitch’). In addition Sabrina had on a whim while at the till added a Riviera Clutch Patent Degrade bag to her tally. As she said before an embarrassed sissy as he produced his credit card that was what she intended to do when she got sissy bitch back home.

When they got back home Sabrina ordered sissy bitch to strip. He then stood in the corner naked except for his chastity device as he watched Sabrina artfully lay out all her Louboutins and watched as she revelled in every detail. In the shop in public it had been all about how the shoes made her look and feel. Here, at home she indulged in the sensual elegance of the shoes.

Finally, she picked up the Anjalina Shiny Calf shoes, ‘Note, sissy bitch, these have a 120mm heel. This is the perfect measurement for what I have in mind’, and in her stockinged feet left the bedroom motioning for sissy bitch to follow her. They went down to the basement. Sabrina opened the door and sissy bitch saw strapped to a St Andrew’s Cross Sabrina’s latest black bull. He was a shade under six feet tall, powerfully-built with broad shoulders, a trimmed waist but full, hard buttocks. Of course as this was Sabrina’s bull he was very well endowed. His thick black meat swayed heavily between his legs as he moved to stretch the soreness out of his muscles. He had been strapped up to the cross all morning yet at the merest sight of Sabrina his cock started to twitch and lazily engorge.

‘Sissy bitch, I want you to gently wank my bull for me. If you are a very good girl I shall let you have a little suck of it. Hop to it, bitch.’

Sissy went behind the cross and reached around and started by tickling the bull’s heavy balls. He had been shaved and so Sabrina was able to note how his balls undulated and moved as sissy bitch stroked them. She also enjoyed watching as her bull’s cock slowly hardened.

Sabrina then slowly started to undress in front of the two men who, in their different ways, were here for her pleasure and to serve her. Slowly she undid the jacket, slowly she unbuttoned her blouse, then she slid the skirt over her hips and let it fall to the ground as she stepped out of it. The only sound now was the short, heavy breathing of her two slaves. Next came the suspender belt. Then the bra and finally she slid off her panties. She was already moist and the panties clung to her sex. Finally she rolled off her stockings, one after the other. Both slaves remained motionless watching in awe.

Sabrina stepped forward and stood a few inches from her bull. He was rock hard now, his big, thick cock engorged and angry. Sabrina pulled back his foreskin enjoying the contrasting pink flesh of the head of his cock. She covered her right hand with a stocking and slowly wanked him. ‘Sissy, come here.’ Sissy stood next to him. Sabrina wiped some pre-cum from the end of her bull’s cock and held the finger up to sissy’s face. ‘Lick my bull’s cum off my finger. Now, suck it clean.’ Sissy slurped and enjoyed the salty taste.
While he did so Sabrina skilfully bound her bull’s cock and balls with one of her stockings. She then went back to where she had been before and bent over. She slid on the Louboutins and stood naked except for the shoes in front of her two slaves. She was thoroughly wet now, the shopping and the control of the two men had acted on her body to great effect.

‘Step back from my bull, sissy bitch. Now you will see why I chose the 120mm. It’s all about precision. She then moved in front of her bull. She turned around so she had her back to him and slowly bent over. She moved her legs further apart and, reaching down, took the loose end of the stocking wrapped around her bull’s cock pulling it towards her. ‘Sissy, take my bull’s dick and guide it to my pussy lips.’ Yes, just there. Now you see how these shoes, are not just perfect but now make my pussy the perfect height to receive my bound bull’s big black cock. Rub his cock on my lips. There… now guide the head in.’ Sabrina braced herself against the head of the cock which was now enveloped in her tight pussy. Taking up the slack in the stocking she pulled the cock slowly further into her. Her bull moaned both at the sensation on the end of his penis and also from the ache of muscles in his back as he was pulled into his Mistress. Then Sabrina moved, slowly at first but then faster and deeper, impaling herself on her bull’s massive cock. When she wanted him deeper she pulled on the stocking in total control of her slave, now reduced to a huge sex toy for her pleasure. Bent over as she was as she enjoyed the sensations of her bull’s cock stretching her she was able to see those perfect, perfect Louboutins.